Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About WHAT A DEER CAN SEE

What can a deer see
What colors can a deer see

A Vital Piece of Information. In the world of deer hunting, one of the most important deer hunting tips is learning exactly what a deer can see. This is vital to every deer hunter that wants to come home from deer hunting with the guys to show off his trophy buck.

What colors can a deer see

What colors can a deer see
What colors can a deer see

A deer is what humans call color blind. A deer can only see in two colors: blue and yellow. A deer does not have a UV filter in his eyes to be able to see any other colors.

How can this affect the hunter?

During deer hunting, season hunters always wear a camouflage. While this is supposed to help you hide from the deer it can actually make you glow like a blue balloon if you are not careful how you or your wife washes your camouflage.

How to wash your camouflage

To avoid having your camouflage, bags, shoes, gloves, and hats glow like a blue balloon you need to wash your camouflage in a certain type of laundry detergent. Do not, whatever you do, wash your camouflage in regular laundry detergent such as the ones bought at the grocery store. These detergents contain color brighteners that will activate the UV rays contained in your camouflage. Even if you wash it only once the camouflage is ruined.

Many sporting stores will carry laundry detergent that is specifically for washing your camouflage. This detergent is called SPORT-WASH and should be used every time you wash your camouflage. To check your camouflage to see if it is actually glowing to the deer you can hold it under regular black light and see if it glows. Besides these deer hunting tips, you can always use baking soda to wash your hunting clothes.

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