Pro Ears Gold Review

Writer: Anne Vinnola

I thought the ProEars electronic hearing protection/amplifying system couldn’t get any better. I was wrong!

The only electronic hearing protection proudly made in America, Pro Ears has added a new line building on the unparalleled quality, reliability and advanced technology of the Dimension series:  New Pro Ears GOLD.

What makes the GOLD Series different?

Pro Ears Gold Review

Well, it all begins, as with the Dimension series featuring the exclusive DLSC™ technology, but unlike the standard ‘clipping’ or ‘volume compression’ electronics used by all other manufacturers, this unique technology never shuts off. This allows the wearer to hear every sound even during high volume noise spikes, where other hearing protection units only shut the unit off, blocking out all sound or simply turning the volume down still drowning out softer sounds with louder ones.

The GOLD units stand alone in that they are the first and only to feature a high tech, 8 Bit Micro-Processor that runs a complete electronic diagnostic when turned on, similar to a scan run by your computer but this processor runs 10,000 diagnostics per second so that you always know your system is in 100% optimum working order.

Other unique features that make the GOLD line special include:

  1. Fully enclosed Military Grade Circuit Boards for the very best protection from the elements.
  2. Gold Connectors for ultimate conductivity, increasing the hearing range while providing the most natural, clear, quality sound available.
  3. LED Alert Light on each circuit board so you can see how the unit is operating.
  4. Onboard computer-controlled Auto-shutoff and Low Battery Indicator.
  5. All GOLD units now offer what was a secondary application: the ability to accept receiver/input capabilities for AM/FM Radio, CD, or MP3 players, and FRS radio and electronic devices that use a 3.5 mm jack.  Now you can use communication devices or just kick back and listen to your tunes.
  6. And you can rely on all Pro Ears models because they carry an industry breaking warranty. The GOLD units carry an incredible 5-year warranty. Since they manufacture their products right here in the USA, you can actually speak to a real person and if you do have a rare warranty problem, they can get it fixed and back to you in a matter of days.

Hunters and Law Enforcement personnel will appreciate the unbeatable hearing protection, but also appreciate the Volume and Gain Adjustability which allows the wearer to amplify surrounding sounds up to 8 times enabling the user to hear long distances and quiet sounds as never before.

Pro Ears Gold

All-Pro Ears muffs are extremely comfortable against your head even while wearing glasses due to the Exclusive ProForm Leather™ Ear Seals. These are made to conform completely around the ear for the most complete noise elimination possible. They are so comfortable that I wore a pair all day and forgot I had them on.

The GOLD Series is truly amazing and comes in several models depending on the need. For example, if you are exposed to tremendous loud noise levels like aircraft, construction, demolition or shooting high power handguns indoors, you would want to get the Mag units. For lesser levels, you may go with the Slim models. For lower still and for the long gun hunters for bird shooting, clay, trap, muzzle loaders and certainly the bowhunter, the Predator, or Stalker units are preferred. You not only get comfort and excellent hearing protection but the amplification you really need to enable you to hear game moving before you see them, and certainly after the shot is taken to pinpoint direction after the hit.

I loved my Dimension models but the new GOLD, they are just phenomenal!

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