Installing And Repairing bow string serving Like A Pro

Traditional Archery
By Doug Besherse

One of the things I get asked about on a regular basis is in regards to string serving. In this article, I will show you how to apply center serving as well as how to repair existing center serving.

While the techniques I show can be applied to all aspects of serving on a bowstring I will not discuss the other areas of the bowstring. I will instead concentrate on the center serving because for the average person this is all he will have to worry about anyway.

If there is one tool a bowhunter needs it is a serving jig. There are several available and all will do what they are designed to do. For most applications, I use a Bohning Serve Tite jig. It is smooth and consistent with most all serving types and diameters.

The techniques I show in the pictures below will work with any type of serving.

If your serving is in good shape but has just gotten loose or became untied skip to picture #6 and follow the instructions.

1. Pull out several inches of serving and insert it through the middle of the bowstring at the point you want the serving to start.

bow string serving 1

2. Take the end of the serving that was pushed through and pull it back in the opposite direction you intend to run the center serving. Now take the serving jig and make sever toward you, over the bowstring, back around and under the string.

center serving 2

3. After making several revolutions around the string and lay it down the bow string over the top of the area you have just served. Now take the serving jig and run it over the end of serving laying on the bowstring. Continue serving the string until you get within 1/2 inch of where you want the serving to end.

serving laying 3

4. Pull off 10-12 inches of serving. It is important to keep the serving tight while doing the next several steps.

keep the serving tight 5

5. Cut the serving from the jig keeping the serving on the string tight. Notice how the serving is running through the index and middle finger of the left hand.

bow string serving  5

6. Run the serving over the top of the bow string and put your thumb through the middle.

Run serving over the top of bow string

7. Run the serving through the hole as shown.

serving 7

8. Run the serving around the string back toward the main area that was served. Go around t 10 or 12 times.

 Run serving around string back

9. Take the end of the serving and put on the top served area.

serving 9

10. Take the loop and go around the string until you use up the serving that you hand twisted in step #8.

serving 10

11. This is what it should look like at this point.

String 11

12. Take the slack out by pulling the end of the serving. Trim back excess serving. You’re done.

bow string serving final step

I hope this helps you in your quest to be a better archer/bowhunter. I ask that you tell your friends about me and It will be helpful to me and your friends. Good Luck and Good Huntin’ 

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