5 Best Left Handed Compound Bow – ( Under Budget )

It seems that as a left-handed person, your choice of buying a compound bow is limited. The Truth is, Almost all bow manufacturers make some left-handed compound bows. The main problem, however, is that the local stores do not keep the left-handed versions in their stores or keep them low because 1 out of every 10 people are left-handed and the left-handed bow user number also further decreases due to eye dominance. So there is no personal issue against left-handers, only the lack of numbers makes it difficult to get left-handed bows. Not only the bow but also some of the accessories have to be different for the left-handers.

Below I have tried to compare a few left-handed compound bows and at the same time, I have clearly stated which ones are better in which case. And Amazon has a lot of left-handed compound bows, but I’ve listed here the best left-handed compound bows for all types of users.

I have listed the best compound bows for the medium budget, these bows are good enough yes some of them are a little louder but the solution I have tried to tell from my experience, for example: just putting a monkey tail in Bear Archery Cruzer G2 will solve this problem. So if your budget is low, these bows will be great for you.

Best Left-Handed Compound Bows At A Glance

Diamond Edge 320 RAK

When it comes to hunting, the Diamond Edge 320 RAK is the best left-handed compound bow. Thanks to Bowtech’s synchronized binary cam technology which makes the two cams perfectly symmetrical – its job is to keep the bow in tune at all times and ensure full accuracy while generating 320 fps power that can immobilize animals of any size.

This technology is patented by Bowtech which allows the two cams to work at the same time in the same rhythm, meaning that the upper cam and the lower cam will work synchronously. This increases the accuracy of the shot and keeps the bow always in tune.

Single and hybrid cams have knock travel and tuning problems, Knock trouble is when two cams do not work in an equal rhythm or delay the movement of one from the other. And this synchronized technology has brought the solution. So when you shoot, you don’t have to worry about whether the bow is in tune or whether the two cams are working together. Just set and forget.

This technology makes tuning the Diamond Edge 320 easier and increases accuracy and consistency. And we all know how important accuracy is for hunting, I hope you understand why I put Edge 320 in the first place for hunting.

Also, the symmetrical cam makes this compound bow seem very smooth to me. It is easy to draw and doesn’t feel stiff. However, in order to get a smooth draw, you need to have the right draw length set that suits you. Because no matter how good your Bow is if your draw length is longer or shorter than yours, you won’t feel it smooth. However, Diamond Edge 320 has a draw length of 15 to 31 inches, so there is nothing to worry about, just measure your draw length and set it in the bow.

Another reason why this compound bow seems to be the best to hunt is because of its 85% let-off feature. This 85% let-off is better for all who have pain in the solder or hand. During hunting, you have to hold the draw weight for a long time while holding the full draw length. It is very difficult to hold a weight of 60 or 70 pounds for a long time but due to the 85% let-off feature of this Edge 320, you have to hold only 15% of it. That means for a 60-pound draw weight, you have to hold only 10.5 pounds. so you can hold the draw in a valley for a long time and can easily target the game with a lot of time for the right opportunity.

However, too much let-off can affect the arrow speed, which is why many hunters do not like too much let-off. However, most prefer the high let-off as it can increase the success rate in hunting. However, in some places, the level of let-off is limited, so it is good to know where you want to hunt and if there are any such rules.

The Diamond Edge 320 is a silent enough compound bow that is an essential feature for hunting. Its price is lower than many other flagship bows but it produces enough power. If you just add a monkey tail to the string, rest assured it will be as silent as a $ 1,000-price bow.

It also comes with a fully adjustable compound bow as well as a full package which means you can start using it as soon as you get your hands on it, no need to buy any extra accessories. I suggest it to all left-handed people and it is a bow of my own choice because of its accuracy, smoothness, silence, adjustability, etc., all together make it a good bow at an affordable price. Usually, Hoyt or Matthews have these kinds of bows above $1000 as it is just below $500 which is very good for a budget buyer like us. I like this bow a lot for this price.

But no matter how much I compare it to the $ 1500 bow, one of the problems with these low-budget compound bows is their low-quality material so you have to be careful in using them.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear has long been making good enough bows that can shoot very well. Many people think it is possible to shoot well only with the expensive $ 1000 compound bow so they go for flagship model bows, although with good practice it is possible to hunt with simple things. The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is ranked 2nd among my best compound bow for the left hand.

Usually, on Amazon, it comes in an almost full package as an absolutely ready-to-hunt bow. You have to add the stabilizer yourself. It is a very simple no complicated step.

Its let-off is 70% whereas the 1st compound bow on our list Diamond Edge 320 RAK has a let-off of 85%. So Edge 320 will be easier for hunting than Bear Cruzer G2 because you have to carry less weight during the shoot. However, 65% of the let-off is considered to be a normal level, Also for arrow speed it is better not to have too much let-off.

Its speed is 315 fps but some people have measured the speed at 310 fps in a 30-inch draw length. It is less than the Edge 320 but it can achieve 320 fps speed in 31″ an inch draw length. Edge 320 and Cruzer G2 both have a speed of 310 fps in 30-inch DL. Not so much difference only 5-10 fps. Cruzer G2 Max Draw length is 30″ inches. Many people can hunt well with a bow of 200 fps also 250 to 300 fps are a common range for hunting.

The Bear Archer Cruiser G2 is ahead in price and quality. With this compound bow, you can hunt almost all kinds of games. Successful hunting doesn’t always require a flagship compound bow for a $1000 price tag. However, the expensive compound bows are much more silent and made of high-quality material so they can give extra benefits but don’t forget that when they were not there, the hunters used to hunt with ordinary bows. So bowhunting success doesn’t depend only on the bow but also on the archer’s skill, arrow, broad head, etc. So if you have good skills, you can hunt any game with Bear Cruzer, Moreover, for beginner level, this compound bow is the most recommended and also perfect for target shooting. It has good accuracy and speed at a low cost.

However, the problem with this Bear Cruzer G2 is its component quality, They should enhance the quality of the bow material. Assuming the price is cheap, they may have compromised on quality.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

This Diamond infinite edge pro is a great choice for those who are looking for a good versatile, short and lighter compound bow with a full package at a medium price.

There are some good and bad differences between Diamond Edge 320, Bear Cruzer G2, and infinite edge pro and I will try to bring them here.

First, the price of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is cheaper than the Edge 320. in many aspects, it is the winner in terms of quality and features, but not in all aspects. Basically, you decide which one is best for you according to your needs.

Here, The Axle to Axle length of the Diamond infinite edge pro is 31 “on the other hand, the Edge 320 is 32”. Axle to Axle length This basically means the size of the compound bow. Now a short bow is usually better for hunting. Many people prefer Axle to Axle length of 32″ to a maximum of 34″ in compound bow selection for hunting. However, many hunters prefer short bows such as 28″ to 32″ inches Axle to Axle length bows. The short bow is more maneuverable and accurate than the longer ATA bow. So if you like short bows, you can keep this infinite edge pro. However, the Bear Cruzer G2 is shorter with a 30-inch axle length. Actually 28″ inch to 32″ inch ATA is counted as a short bow, so they are all in the short bow category.

One of the good sides of the infinite edge pro is that it is a very lightweight bow, weighing only 3.2 pounds, and lighter and shorter bows for hunting are suggested by most hunters. So if you want a short and at the same time lighter bow, choose edge pro, this is my recommendation. On the other hand, the Bear Cruzer G2 still gets the W from me because it is only 3 pounds and the length is only 30 “inches,  which is a great tool for hunting and its price is even less than the edge pro. However, in terms of quality and durability, Edge Pro is definitely ahead of Bear Cruzer G2.

Again, in IBO speed, Edge 320 and Bear Cruzer and infinite edge pro are almost same. This infinite edge pro can shoot at 310 fps at maximum draw weight whereas Edge 320 and Bear Cruzer can shoot at 320 and 315 fps respectively. 310 fps is enough speed because usually 250 to 300 fps is considered enough speed for hunting, and here 310 fps means 10 more. Big games like Moose Elk can also be hunted with a 310 fps bow However, if the speed is low, you have to hunt big games from a short distance. And for a bow above 280 fps, a heavy arrow is required, which should also be taken into account. So my final point is that 310 fps is enough for speed, but I think it is better to have a little more, so if you want more speed, it would be better to take Edge 320, because if you shoot at low draw weight, like 60, then 310 fps will go down to 300, so In this case Edge 320 will be better.

Now let’s move on to another topic. The infinite edge pro bow comes in a complete package as ready-to-hunt, meaning you can buy the bow and start using it. It comes with almost all the accessories and the quality of the accessories is fair and easy to replace if you want you can easily replace whatever you like. As I said before, these accessories are of average quality, so if you shoot more, you may need to replace them quickly. However, I think it is normal and acceptable that the accessories of a bow at such a cheap price will be of average quality.

I would suggest buying the infinite edge pro compound bow, although the Bear Cruzer may look good in many areas at first glance, infinite edge pro will be ahead in terms of quality and features. So even if I put this budget bow in 3rd place, I would basically suggest it for myself.

Best left-handed youth compound bow

Now we will talk about two youth compound bows that are specially made for left-handed kids, beginners, and youth. So if you want to buy a bow for your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter or you want to start new archery or you just want to buy a bow for fun then these two bows below will be best for you.

There are many more youth compound bows in the market but from my experience, these 2 bows seemed to be the best of all the others so I have brought these two here just for review. In this case, let us briefly explain which of the two is better in which case.

The main difference between these two is that PANDARUS is cheaper and best for children under 10 years of age, while Bear Archery is a little more expensive than PANDARUS but ahead in quality and features.

PANDARUS Compound Bow Archery for Youth

The first is PANDARUS’s Youth Compound Bow. It is an entry-level bow that comes with a full package but you have to put it together. Its price is low so as a general fan, for gifts or kids or if you plan to buy an expensive bow later then you can take it at the beginner level as its price is low. And it is provided with all kinds of accessories but the problem is that only a D loop and peephole are installed in it and everything else has to be assembled manually. Besides, its manual instruction does not seem helpful to me at all. The pictures are very small so it is difficult to understand.

But I like it because the price is very cheap and you don’t have to buy any accessories separately. A to Z everything is available at one price, even the arrow set doesn’t have to be bought separately. That means you don’t have to buy arrows. You would have to spend $ 30 to buy these arrows separately, which is not the case here.

This is definitely a perfect entry-level bow, especially for kids or those who want to buy a bow just for fun. However, the downside is that although it comes with almost all the accessories, the quality of these accessories is not good at all. Especially the 12 arrows that are given are of very poor quality. Also, the quality of this bow is low and the manufacturers have said that it is an entry-level bow that is mainly made for kids or for beginner-level practice. Never shoot without an arrow ie DRY FIRE. Otherwise, the bow will be damaged and self-harm may occur.

So my last view is that if you take this bow, you don’t need to buy any accessories, not even the arrow, as well as its price, is a cheap bow. So this is a great bow for kids 10 years or under or if you have a low budget and want to get a bow for bow practice as a beginner you can try it. But if you are an adult and want to be a hunter in the future, I would say take the Bear Archery’s Youth Compound Bow because it will enable you to understand a lot earlier.

Bear Archery Royale Youth Compound Bow

This Royale Youth Compound Bow of Bear Archery is ahead of PANDARUS’s Youth Compound Bow in many ways, with advanced features, adjustability, and quality in all aspects. They both have the same Axle to Axle length about 27 “inches so they are about the same size and light enough but the Bear is a little heavier because of its material quality and some advanced features.

Bear Archery Royale Youth Compound Bow can be adjusted from 12 to 26 inches so it can be adjusted for kids of any age where our first bow PANDARUS can be adjusted to the lowest 19 “draw length so Bear as a Youth Bow That would be good, as well as it is a very lightweight bow with a weight of 2.6 pounds. Although all the accessories including the arrow become 3.3 pounds so in this case, the weight of the bow of PANDARUS is good for left-handed youth.

However, the Bear Archery Royale’s shooting speed is 290 fps and the draw weight is a maximum of 50 pounds, so in the future, you can use it to hunt whitetail deer or small game. So if you are a beginner or for left-handed kids over the age of 10 this bow will be good because he will be able to use it for his first hunting experience later. Also, since its draw weight is 5 to 50 pounds, you can gradually increase the draw weight to master the bow more. This means that the draw weight can be easily reduced for a 10-year-old child and his draw weight can be increased as his skills and age increase. This is not possible with PANDARUS’s Youth Compound Bow because its maximum draw weight is 29 pounds. This weight bow is just for practice and play It cannot be used for any future hunting as it requires a minimum of 40-pound bow for ethical hunting.

So Bear Archery’s Youth Compound Bow would be great overall if you are a beginner and want to be a hunter in the future, or if you want to make your kid a hunter, In addition, by practicing with this compound bow, you will become more proficient in using heavy bows.

So my last suggestion would be that this bow is best for left-handed kids over 10 years old. And if you are an adult and are looking for a beginner-level bow, this is best for you because it allows you to significantly increase the draw weight up to 50 pounds which you can’t get in any other.

So if you want to be a hunter in the future or make your child a hunter take this Bear Archery youth bow instead of PANDARUS’s Youth Bow, this would be the best, Because Bear Archery Royale is far ahead in all aspects like durability, speed, Draw weight, Draw length, versatility, etc, Which will save you from buying another bow when your child grows up in the future.


For those who want to buy a bow for the purpose of professional hunting, I will tell them to take Edge 320 RAK but those who have a little less budget can take Edge Pro. And if you are a beginner-level hunter or if you prefer a relatively small and lightweight bow, you can buy the Bear Cruzer G2. Its price is much lower than the above two.

And in the Youth Bow category, you can buy a bow of PANDARUS for children below 10 years of age or if you do not want to spend any extra due to a limited budget. However, the Bear Archery Royale bow will be the best in this category, and it will be the best for those over 10 years. I brought these 5 products here on my best left-handed compound bow list, I liked a few more bows but sad to say that they did not make any version for left-handed so I did not bring them here.